RPE Fit Test Accessories & Equipment




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Alpha Solway  £140

Hard Case Kit 

Solutions in 2.5ml Ampules           12 Sensitivity & 12 Test 



JSP  £150

Card Case with Taller Hood

Solutions in 2 x 55ml Bottles



 3M Kit     £160

Supplied in an after market plastic box

not the standard 3M card Box

Solutions in 2 x 55ml Bottles



All 3 Options Include

Robust Hood with collar

Bitter Sensitivity Solutions

Bitter Test Solutions

2 x Nebulisers

​20 Blank Reports (certificates)

Instructions for use on USB   Memory Stick and Paper copy.


  Extra Laminated Resources

Compliance Poster,  Quick Fit Test Guide,  Rainbow Passage



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Fit Test Spares and Accessories   


 Pair of 55ml Bottles

  Bitter  Sensitivity & Test  £30 


Sweet Sensitivity & Test £25


Boxes of Ampules

Bitter Ampules x 6 Sensitivity  £15.00

     Bitter ampules x 6 Test       £15.00 

  Sweet ampules x 6 Sensitivity   £15.00

   Sweet ampules x 6 Test     £15.00


  Nebuliser complete x 1       £35.00

   Hood with Plastic Collar      £26.00

  Tall Hood with Plastic Collar     £26.00




3M Hood                   £24.00

3M Collar                   £40.00

3M Nebuliser             £60.00



CLICK Hear To Download a PDF Price List



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