Face Fit Tester Training Course East Anglia



BSIF Fit2Fit Approved Course


Fit2Fit Approved Fit Tester Course in the Qualitative Method

Train the Tester

(often referred to as Train the Trainer)


East Anglia Venue






April 25th  -  Now Full

June 27th  -  Now Full

June 28th  -  6 Places

Sept 12th  -  6 Places

Nov 28th  -  6 Places



                                                   Other Venues include 

      North East            London North West              North West         

         Yorkshire                West Midlands               East Midlands        

London East                Scotland                       South Wales







FULL day covering the 16 areas of competence in HSE INDG479 

Delivered by Fit2Fit Accredited Tester



Training venue easily reached by car or train from

most parts of East Anglia including

Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire

Norwich, Thetford, Ipswich, Colchester, Kings Lynn,

Bury St Edmunds, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Spalding, 

Yarmouth, Ely, Cambridge, Diss, Wisbech, Newmarket, Sudbury etc




Fit2Fit Approved Course

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Charles Burrell Business Centre

Staniforth Road, Thetford IP24 3LH




RPE Face Fit Tester Training Course - East Anglia




June 27th  -  Now Full

June 28th  -  6 Places

Sept 12th   -  6 Places

Nov 28th   -  6 Places








BSIF Fit2Fit Approved Course   £195   plus VAT


 Fit Testing Kits    

Alpha Solway    £100 plus VAT

         JSP              £150 plus VAT  

       3M              £160 plus VAT 



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For Qualitative Fit Testing of Disposable and Half Masks


Learn how to confidently Face Fit Test Re-useable Half Masks

and Disposable Respirators on this FULL day course for

Qualitative Fit Testing of RPE

 Including theory and plenty of practice to ensure you go away having

a solid understanding of RPE Respirator Qualitative Fit testing

in line with the competencies listed in HSE INDG479.

Delivered by an experienced Fit2Fit accredited Fit Tester






 Content Includes


RPE Overview, maintenance and how it works

Full Practical Qualitative Fit Test Demonstration

Practice Fit Testing in Pairs

Respiratory Protective Equipment  Limitations

Background to Face Fit Testing

Why protect and reduce risk from respiratory disease –

Moral & Health issues

 Law, COSHH, Asbestos regs 

Relevant Legislation / Guidance in Regards to RPE Fit Testing  -

- HSE INDG479 & HSG53

Preparation of the face fit test Equipment

Face Fit Test Protocols and Procedures

Mask Fit Test Do’s & Dont’s

The Face Fit test Sensitivity Test

The 7 Face Fit Test Exercises

RPE Wearer ​Pre Use Fit Checks

Face Fit test Pass Levels

Mask Fit Test Failures and Re-Tests

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving during RPE Fit testing

Step by Step Group - Practical Face Fit Testing and Practice

Planning & Managing a Face Fit Testing Program

Managing Data and Test Documentation with templates

Practical RPE Face Fit Assessment

Multiple Choice Written Assessment

Introduction to the BSIF - Fit2Fit Scheme Accreditation

Questions and feedback




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