Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR



Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR)









Powered Air Starter Packs

Containing Blower Unit, Battery, Charger, Belt


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SR 700                                       SR 500

              Particulate                       Particulate  /  Gas Vapour



Choice of Head tops

Construction , Hoods , Visors



                         SR 580                                SR 520

                     Construction                         Short hood




                        ​SR570                                       SR530

                   Flip Up Visor                              Longer Hood








Concept Air PAPR Kit

Blower Unit, Headtop, Hose, Battery, Charger

P3 Filter, Pre Filters, Storage Box,

Ear Defenders (Construction Model)


Construction                                     Flip Up Visor


If required and here logistically possible we deliver FREE User Training

at our Facilities or yours. Travel costs may be incurred.

We also stock accessories, spares, filters etc


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Available NOW       4 in 1 Protection

JSP Powercap Infinity

Including User Training








Plus FREE JSP Sonis3 Ear Defenders