Life Saving Awareness Training

Health & Safety Awareness Training starts by helping us to fundamentally adopt rational and appropriate behaviours.

On varying levels when fire and emergencies happen, the natural reaction is for us is to refer to fight, flight or freeze responses

Upon hearing the fire alarm …... 

 Our bodies produce adrenalin and cortisol

In preparation to run or fight, major muscle groups, arms, legs, heart and lungs receive more oxygen.

Parts of the brain which would under normal circumstance dominate with rational thought and planning are deprived of oxygen in favour of other parts of the brain.

It is therefore advantageous to prepare for such an event and consequential natural response through knowledge, skills and experience, through training, preparation andpractice.

Hence Fire Marshal Training and Fire Drills, in order to

      maximise competence, awareness and confidence 

      minimise the stress responses

      maximise positive & rational - time and lifesaving actions.

For these reasons Fire Marshal training has great value.

Aspire deliver open Fire Marshal training workshops from £40per person

Forward thinking employers and managers require a few responsible staff members to keep a level head in emergency scenarios.

Aspire -  for a Wealth in Safety and Health


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