Respair P3V Fold Flat FFP3


Respair P3V Fold Flat  FFP3


​Vertical Fold Flat




Respair E P3V Fold Flat FFP3 

Vertical Fold Flat    Disposable Respirator 

Valved for easier exhalation 

APF - 20

Box Quantity 10

Lightweight   4g 

Protects against toxic dust light radioactive dust bacterias and viruses.  

Multi layered filter medium combining electrostatic charge 

Ergonomically shaped for comfort and ease of use  

Adjustable head straps to provide individual fit 

Mouldable metal nose clip

Colour coded for ease of identification 

Individually packed complete with instructions for use 

Meets the FFP3 requirements of EN149:2001+A1:2009


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