Respair E P3V RS (Foam Rubber Seal) FFP3


Respair  E P3V RS   FFP3


Standard Foam Rubber Seal




Respair E P3V RS  (Standard Foam Rubber Face Seal)  FFP3 

Economy Disposable Respirator 

Valved for easier exhalation 

Protects against toxic dust light radioactive dust bacterias and viruses.  

APF - 20

Box Quantity 5

4 point adjustable straps and mouldable metal nose clip


This cost-effective product range has been developed for use when economy is a main concern.

Still produced to Respair exacting standards and ensures the wearer excellent comfort and protection

Meets the FFP3 requirements of EN149:2001+A1:2009


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(Same as EP3VC but with a Foam Rubber seal)