Moldex 8000 Half Mask


Moldex 8000  Half Mask Kit

3 Sizes   Low profile wide field of vision



Standard Kit Includes

  • Moldex 8000   Re useable respirator
  • P3 8080 Particulate filters​ and 8095 Filter Holders
  • Pack of alcohol free wipes 
  • User Instructions 
  • Monthly Maintenance Sheets
  • Permanent Pen to mark mask and filters with date fitted
  • Strong Storage Box (will also hold Safety Spectacles or Goggles)

Can be used with a range of filter options 

Soft, durable facepiece.
Extra-wide sealing surface.
Seals comfortably to face.
Exhalation valve positioned for better communication.
Low profile for wide field of vision.
Cartridges have a snap-in mount for easy replacement.
New inhalation valve on each cartridge.
Fewer replacement parts.
Living hinge allows head harness to be folded comfortably around neck when not in use.


Available in 3 sizes

Small - 8001
Medium - 8002
Large - 8003

Approved to: EN 140     CE marked


CLICK HERE  for information and DATA SHEET for this respirator