3M 7500 Half Mask


3M 7500  Half Mask Kit

3 Sizes  Silicone



Standard Kit Includes

  • 3M 7500   Re useable respirator
  • P3 6035 Particulate filters
  • Pack of alcohol free wipes 
  • User Instructions 
  • Monthly Maintenance Sheets
  • Permanent Pen to mark mask and filters with date fitted
  • Strong Storage Box (will also hold Safety Spectacles or Goggles)


Can be used with a range of filter options 

Great Value 

Utilises all of the 3M™ 2000, 5000 and 6000 Series Filters

Unparalleled wearer comfort    Soft silicone material

3M Cool Flow Valve

Twin filter design for even distribution of weight

Minimal obstruction to field of vision

Unique 3M Bayonet filter fixing system

Unique head harness

Increased level of comfort and ease of use

Durable and reusable respirator with replaceable parts

Available in 3 sizes

  • Small - 7501
  • Medium - 7502
  • Large - 7503

Approved to: EN 140     CE marked

3M™ 7500 reusable half masks combine unrivalled levels of wearer comfort with fully replaceable parts for maximum durability and quality.


CLICK HERE  for information and DATA SHEET for this respirator